3 steps of how to stand out in job hunt crowd

Sometimes more than others, the process of searching for a job may feel exhausting. You’ve probably already heard all the ordinary encouraging bits of advice such as “work on your Linkedin profile”, “keep sending the applications, it will go through eventually”, “be patient, you’ll make it”, “rethink your approach”. But what if that doesn’t really work for you? 

This little article is your next step forward, it’s the red dot that is going to make you well visible among the others. It doesn’t really mean that you shouldn’t listen to traditional job-seeking advice. They’re time-proofed so may work for most but in order to step up your game, it’s necessary to mix it up a little! Therefore, our team placed 3 tips for standing out in the job hunt crowd:

1. Networking. Ask and tell

It may not look like that at the moment but you definitely have a network of connections. Think about your ex-colleagues, classmates, neighbours, acquaintances, and expand your LinkedIn connections list!

In order to be more visible on the market you have to work on your public image, it’s an open secret that nowadays everyone is checking the connections in between, secretly stalking the positions people are working at. Here’s the thing, while you’re on it, check out job proposals at the companies that your familiars work at and if there is any – don’t be humble.

Start a conversation about the insides of the company, tell them that you're currently searching for a job and there’s a position that you’re interested in. Ask questions that could give you relevant information about the position and eventually, you could end up gathering useful data about a specific job or even getting a referral!

2. Embrace persistence

This one is pretty simple but extremely important. You know the most common mistake I used to make? I refrained from applying to various amazing jobs just because I thought that I wasn't a perfect candidate. But the thing is, you probably already know it,- nobody is.

More times than others, recruiters create lists for their dream applicants or use fancy phrasing just because it sounds good and may or may not make the job look more impressive.

Nevertheless, the hiring process is not going to stop, companies are not going to wait for those perfect imaginary candidates, which means that you can get that shot at getting the job. It's always worth taking this kind of risk and while you're doing it, remember one thing. Instead of highlighting the fact that you're lacking experience, show your strong side, the direct impact you're about to make, and how excited you are for the job. 

3. Finding ways around, showing proactivity

This tip is one bold move. If you already know what you want, I’d call it – going and taking it. So basically, if applying doesn't work and your current network can’t provide you any new possibilities in the professional area you should try your own headhunting.

People would be surprised how much help they can get if only they ask for it. So, let's say, that you are a young individual pursuing a marketing specialist career. Find some successful specialists in this area, write them a letter that you’re pursuing this career and you’d like to get a little bit more information about the topic, some advice even.

There's no doubt about it. With enough persistence, there will pop up a handful of people that could coach you and connect you with even a wider net of specialists. Some of them may invite you to work on projects together, some of them may offer you a job. So don't be shy, embark on this adventure by messaging those managers and directors that you're fascinated about!

Finally, we'd like to add, that yes, searching for a job may be exhausting. It means that you have to go out of your ordinary comfort zone, bring yourself to light, talk about yourself, pitch yourself. But it's also a bridge for your perfect job to come thus we can only encourage you that it's worth it to take that additional step :)